Wireless Charging Tray for Land Rover Defender (2020+)

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This item is manufactured here in the UK by Defender3D using a 3D printing process. 

This Charging Tray fits perfectly in the space below the Defender shift knob and allows a Qi enabled phone to wirelessly charge.

Using an approved CE marked 10W USB charger


  • Suits all Qi compatible wireless enabled phones (maximum phone dimensions 170x86mm)
  • Works with thick phone cases (non-metallic cases only)
  • Uses a CE marked 10W USB charger
  • Manufactured using tough and very heat resistant ASA X Polymer plastics, which do not warp easily in a hot car, or tropical conditions!
  • Charger unit has an additional USB socket for easy use when not using the wireless tray, ideal for charging non-Qi enabled items
  • Charger will also charge compatible Qi enabled earphones etc.
  • Soft Grippy gels are installed to stop smaller phones moving around
  • Additional 'shim rings' supplied, to put under the charger unit for phones that need to be very close to the charger (i.e. iPhone 12)
  • Compatible with both LHD (left-hand drive) and RHD (right-hand drive) cars; the round cup/coin area always sits on the left, for a perfect fit
  • Registered design

Please note that subtle design changes may be made, and colour may differ, from the images shown. We will always ship orders that are matching. These items are 3D printed to fine tolerances, but the nature of FDM 3D printing is that the surfaces have tiny layer lines. This is not a defect, but simply the process of manufacturing these items. We hand finish every product before shipping.