We have now launched our JimnyStyle EU shop! Our most popular products are now held in stock in our new JimnyStyle EU Warehouse, and you can now pay in € EUR for all items. Check it out here.


This page will be updated as frequently as possible with regards to any Brexit updates. The details on this page cover orders placed via our website that have an EU shipping address.

Don't panic, EU customers! We will continue to serve all EU customers throughout 2021 and beyond.

Update for German customers only (or customers with a German shipping address): we have now suspended our DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) shipping service now that our JimnyStyle EU shop has been launched. Thank you very much for using this service during the first few months of 2021! Orders placed via will now be sent via regular DAP (Delivered at Place) shipping incoterms.

Brexit has been a major talking point for many of our EU customers in recent months. However, at the time of writing the EU and the United Kingdom have agreed a trade deal that will allow us to serve our customers in the EU thanks to the agreed free movement of goods.

JimnyStyle is located in the United Kingdom, which means that we will be bound to operate in accordance with the terms of the new UK & EU trade agreement. As a customer based in the EU, you will notice some changes when ordering from us. Here are a few key points.

For orders placed by private (non-business) customers with a shipping address in the EU (i.e. Germany, France, Spain, Italy etc.), from January 1st 2021 onwards:

  • Sales tax (VAT) is no longer charged at the time of ordering on orders being sent from the UK to EU. Instead, the VAT will be charged by your local customs authority once the goods arrive in your country. For example, 19% MwSt in Germany, 20% TVA in France etc. 
  • Some items might be liable for import duty, tariffs or taxes once they arrive from JimnyStyle at your EU shipping address. However, this does not apply to all items, for example, products manufactured in the EU or UK. Where possible, we will notify you if a particular product is manufactured in the EU or UK. The payment of any import duties, tariffs or taxes is to be settled between the recipient and the shipping agent/local customs authority. If you refuse to pay the local taxes and import duties that are requested from you, your order will be returned to us automatically and your order will be refunded minus the original shipping fee that you paid and any additional charges incurred when the shipment is returned to us (including, but not limited to, return shipping fees, courier handling fees etc.).
  • There might be a very small increase in shipping times due to customs paperwork checks. Depending on the EU country that you are located in, this might increase the shipping time by around 1-3 working days. Shipping delays will likely be at their longest during January 2021, just after the Brexit transition.
  • Our courier shipping prices to EU countries will be increasing by a very small amount. This is due to couriers (such as TNT/FedEx) applying a surcharge to JimnyStyle on all shipments that require customs paperwork checks and clearance. However, this small shipping price increase is outweighed by the cheaper product prices as detailed above.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us. We have many valued customers throughout the EU and we are looking forward to serving all of you in 2021 and for many years to come.

For more information on Brexit and EU-UK trade arrangements, you can review the European Commission website here.

Please note: the above information is only relevant to customers with a shipping address within an EU member state. Click here to check if your country is an EU member state. If your order is being shipped to the United Kingdom or to a country that is not an EU member state, then the information described above is not relevant.

Such is the volatile and last-minute nature of the Brexit agreement, please note that the information listed above is subject to change and some details might change after your order has been placed. We will update this page as quickly as possible in response to any further developments with regards to the Brexit transition.