JIMNYSTYLE +40mm H&R Progressive Springs for Suzuki Jimny (2018+)

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These are the progressive springs that can be found as part of our JIMNYSTYLE Suspension Lift Kit for Suzuki Jimny JB64/JB74 (2018+) models.

This progressive spring set is manufactured by H&R in Germany and will provide your Jimny with an estimated 40mm suspension lift. Please note that it is recommended that you install longer shock absorbers at the same time to ensure that the springs can lift the car by as much as possible.

Please select whether your Jimny is RHD (right-hand drive) or LHD (left-hand drive) when ordering. On RHD Jimnys, the rear springs are unequal lengths (the spring kit pictured is an LHD kit).

We have now added an "LHD Heavy Duty" specification spring kit to our range. This is for those customers with left-hand drive Jimnys that are kitted out with heavy equipment at the rear of the car, such as a roof tent, drawer system etc.

The Heavy Duty kit includes rear springs that are 20mm longer than the regular LHD springs, ensuring that you still have a sufficient rear suspension lift despite having a heavily loaded car. The front springs are the same as the regular LHD kit.

Spring Kit Car Type
RHD Right-hand drive
LHD Left-hand drive
LHD Heavy Duty Left-hand drive with heavy equipment installed at the rear of the car (roof tent, drawer kit etc.)


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