High-Bridge First Front Bumper for Suzuki Jimny JB74 (2018+)

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High-Bridge First Front Bumper for Suzuki Jimny JB74 (2018+).

When ordering, please select if you require the bumper to be supplied painted or unpainted. You can also choose the Skid Plate material and/or finish type, and whether or not your front bumper needs holes drilling to suit the OEM washer nozzles.

Front fog lights are not included, please use your original lights.

Material Types: choose from FRP (fibreglass) or ABS (plastic). Both versions will require painting prior to use.

Washer Nozzle Holes: if your Jimny has LED headlights, it will likely have washer nozzles mounted in the front bumper. In which case, your High-Bridge First Bumper will need to be supplied with holes for the washer nozzles.

Skid Plate Types: choose from Aluminium (Silver Anodised or Black Painted) or Stainless Steel (Silver).

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